Maryland Electric Company is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees as well as the employees of other contractors on our job sites.

We believe that it is the responsibility of management and every employee of Maryland Electric Company to carry our their jobs in a manner which does not create any unnecessary hazards or unsafe conditions for the employee or any other person on the job site.

Safety on the job site is not sacrificed under any condition to expedite the project, because of pressure from other trades or subcontractors, or because of personal ambivalence toward Safety Procedures.

Safe job sites are a necessary component of a successful, profitable project just as are the skilled trades people, proper scheduling, good project management, and accurate documentation. Ignoring safety measures and procedures can be costly to the individual employees as well as to Maryland Electric Company and should be directed to the company Safety Director or any member of the Safety Committee.

OSHA 30hr & 10Hr programs
Safe To Work
Lock Out /Tag Out Training
Arc Flash Awareness Training
Personal Protective Equipment
Confined Space Training
Scissor Lift/Rig Certifications
Asbestos Awareness Training
CPR Training

Our Commitment to Quality

Maryland Electric Company takes pride in all of our projects making sure everything is completed with the highest quality and safety standards available.

Maryland Electricʼs Quality program is the foundation for improving our operations processes. It incorporates all tasks from marketing to project closeout and has significantly enhanced our credibility, benefited our customers, and has earned the respect of the industry.

To give our customers the highest quality installations they deserve and to ensure the safety of our employees, we annually invest in the best equipment and training available.

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