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Founded in 1925, Maryland Electric Company was started on Maryland Street in Grosse Pointe Michigan as a small residential contractor. Growing slowly through the years, Maryland Electric gained a reputation for excellent service and quality workmanship.

In 1976 the company was purchased by Jerry and Ellen Dancey, continuing to provide the same quality residential services the company had been doing for the first 51 years. At the same time, building up a strong commercial customer base throughout the Midwest.

Moving from Clinton Township , Michigan to our current headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014, Maryland Electric Company has continued to grow while still maintaining the core family values set forth by the Dancey’s.

Maryland Electric has expanded its capabilities over the years to serve a wide range of customers on a variety of projects including commercial and retail construction, industrial facilities, data centers, universities, hospitals, military bases, and more.

Our areas of expertise extend beyond just construction. We have extensive experience in plant renovations and shut-down work, electrical scheduled maintenance, infrared testing and reporting, emergency repairs, as well as design/build engineering.

We’re proud that through the years the company has worked hard to preserve its founder’s philosophies while expanding the companies reach. Through our commitment, experience, training, dedication, and of course great teamwork, Maryland Electric Company will continue to provide quality electrical service to all its customers.

Ronald Reagan once said "Trust, but Verify."

We know that in order to trust a company to work on your projects you need to verify who we are and what we do.

Rita Dancey
Chief Executive Officer

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Rita grew up in the electrical and mechanical business working with her grandfather’s business since she was in High School. It was instilled at a young age to work in this industry you must attend a trade school, start at the bottom, learn the knowledge and respect the craft. She worked outside in the field, warehouse and as a parts runner until she could earn the ability to join the office. She truly came from the school of hard knocks. She enrolled in TECO and attended night school to gain theory and basic electrical knowledge that would help her in the industry. She attended VCC where she obtained a SHRM certification for Human Resources and business and accounting by 2004. In 2006 she was promoted to Asst. Vice President and handling the majority of the in-house operations as well as the accounting, large national accounts and contract negotiation. In 2015 opportunities arose that led Maryland Electric the ability to open a second office and run statewide in FL.

Since 2016 Rita has managed her in-house responsibilities, project management, sales and marketing. Her passion has been public relations and promoting the “best trade to the customer and the best trade to the apprentice and the future of our trade”. As a woman in the trade, we face diversity every day. I put on my boots, hardhat, raincoat and manage a job if that is what my role is that day. The next day it may be heels, dress or suit and laptop.

“Diversity is being able to adapt in multiple environments and mastering diversity, in my opinion, is adapting to the everchanging difficulties in your environment with your head high, respect for others, and the respect of the trade you are in.”

By 2018 as CEO, her main objective was to promote the company but doing it by investing in the tradesmen tradeswomen and youth. We sponsor our apprentices we invest in their future, we invest in the trade and but most importantly we still believe in our people. This is an old school value that we will continue to live by.

Dave Dancey

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David grew up in the electrical business working at the family company before receiving a degree from Michigan Technological University in Power Systems and Machinery in 1991. After graduation, he worked as a power systems and controls engineer for General Electric Company. in 1992 David joined Maryland Electric Company as a project manager and estimator. By 1997 he earned the role of Vice President of Operations and in 1999 became an owner of the company. In 2009 was given the responsibility of overseeing the expansion and relocation of Maryland Electric Company to Nashville Tennessee. David is now President of the company as well as the primary license holder for the company. David holds professional certifications by BICSI and Lonmark International for specialties in telecommunications and control systems, as well as certified Infrared Thermographer. David is an active member of the East Tennessee chapter of NECA and sits on the Board of Directors for the East TN Chapter.

He oversees the Electrical Workers Southern Retirement Fund as the Nashville Representative and sits on the Contract and Negotiations Committee for Labor Relations.

David has a passion for growth and developments in the industry. He recently has been working on an exciting pilot program engineering with Schneider Electric for what tomorrow will bring to the electrical industry in commercial, government and healthcare applications.

To Dave, there is no job to small each one is perfect for promoting our strengths. He instills this to each of his Foreman on the jobs as well as this may be their largest job to achieve a personal goal or this may be their first independent small job and their chance to shine.

Either way, there is no job too small or too large it is always just right!

Adam Keller
Operations Manager

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Adam is an accomplished electrical graduate from the IBEW NJATC program with over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry.  Adam has served in various positions throughout his career from the apprentice, the journeyman and up to general foreman.

In 2012, Adam was assigned to the task of company superintendent a position he held until October of 2014.  Through his continued hard work, dedication and commitment to the company. Adam was promoted to his current position as Operations Manager where he directs all Field Superintendents, General Foreman, Estimates both Small and Large Projects and promotes the Electrical Trade to all potential apprentices and growth to the existing team within.  Adam is OSHA 10/30 certified and plays a key role in implementing and managing the safety program. Adam has a never-ending love for the TN Vols, a passion for the community and is committed to contributing to positive youth recreation.

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